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Windows 10 Activator is the soft that allows you to get access to all a operating system features without paying. It uses KMS-activation technology or emulates corporate activation. If you are interested in understanding how the activator program works, this article will answer your questions.

windows 10 activator

It is important to know that my article is provided for educational purposes only. I decided to write this material because many users are interested in this issue and want to understand how this tool works.

I strongly recommend buying licensed Microsoft products from their official store. And also from official distributors. Nevertheless, for general development, below we will still consider the principle of activators.

Useful information about the Windows Activator

At the very beginning, we made it clear that the Windows 10 Activator is a utility that allows you to get a temporary or permanent license for the operating system for free. The popularity of the app is due to the fact that Win 10 is the most popular OS at the moment.

As we have already mentioned, the application uses KMS-technology. This technology was originally developed by Microsoft to check the licenses of corporate users. The idea is that the main KMS server in a local network will check the licenses for dozens of computers simultaneously. And for this purpose it is not necessary to have a permanent Internet connection. It is enough to have an Internet connection once in 180 days. So the activator application sets up its own server on your home computer and it takes the role of KMS server checker.

kms host activation windows 10

After this activation your OS WIN can fully perform its functions. You can download and run official Microsoft cretic updates without any problems.

Which builds of Windows 10 are available for activation

Below I will list all the versions of the operating system that can be successfully activated. Let’s briefly look at the differences between these versions. Let’s compare them.

Home is the version for regular home users. It includes basic features such as an Internet browser, email client and other standard applications.

Pro is the business version of the OS. It offers more features such as connecting to a corporate network domain, additional security tools, and remote desktop access.

Enterprise is the version for larger companies. All the features of Wind 10 Pro are here, plus additional management and security tools needed for a corporate network.

Education is the version designed for schools and universities. It has all the features of Windows 10 Enterprise, but with additional education features.

S is a simplified version of OS Win that restricts the installation of applications. You can only install apps from the Microsoft Store. Which makes your operating system more productive and secure.

Pro for Workstations is a version that is designed to be installed on high-performance computers with more processors and RAM.

The main functions of the activator for WIndows 10

Having considered the principle of action of the mechanism to activ MS WIN 10 I propose to familiarize with its main features. We can not describe the entire functionality, we will stop at the most important functions of the software.

Suitable for 32 and 64 bit version of windows

Many modern apps have two versions for different MS WIN architectures. Because of this fact, users are often looking for a version for their operating system. Activator is suitable for both versions – it is convenient.


The application is suitable not only for WIn 10 activation. This application can be used for any MS product that uses KMS activation.

Identity of the original license

After activation using this software you have a free license key and your system will receive full manufacturer support and the latest updates throughout the activation period.

System files and registry cannot be modified

The utility does not modify your OS files. It also does not make monipulations with sitem branches of the registry. Uninstalling the activator does not require special cleaning and file recovery. This means that you can at any time buy an official key for WIn10 and remove the activator.

Free and for a long time

Windows Activator is a completely free tool. You can take it to learn the KMS-activation technology. The tool is provided as is and has no trial period. Activation of the Win10 OS with this application can be done for a short period of time or permanently. It depends on your experiments.

How to download Windows 10 Activator quickly and easily

Here we come to one of the most important parts of the article. After we learned about the software and studied its functions it’s time to answer how to download the activ for Win 10. In fact, this procedure is no different from downloading any tool from the Internet. It is important to find a trusted resource for downloading. On this page there is a link to the official download page. I want to say in advance that you need to have an archiver to open the archive.

  1. Once you have determined and decided to explore the activator click the Download button.
  2. Then you will go to the page of the program, where you can access the archive for download.
  3. You need to enter the verification code and the download to your PC will begin.
  4. Then your browser will display the download status of the program – this means that the download has started.

Depending on your internet connection, the download will take from a few seconds to a couple of minutes. You also need to have an archiver to run the software.

Step-by-step activation instructions in pictures

Step 1

Open the downloaded archive with the activator

Win10 Acitvator Step 1

Next step

Run the .exe file inside the archive

Start-up instructions activator windows

Wait for the program to start

Software Windows 10

In the program window, select “Activation Windows 10

Activation Windows 10

Wait for activation to complete

Successful activation

Instructions on how to install and use the activator for Windows 10

Unlike other kms-activators ativator for MS Win does not require installation. Installation can be called a step where we need to open the archive with the program. For this purpose, you will do well with the program WinRar. After we open the archive we can run the activator without extracting it from the archive.

Add the activator to antivirus software exclusions

If you want to run the software on your PC to study, you will have to disable your antivirus. Or add the folder with the activator to the exceptions. Since there are many antivirus programs in the world, it is impossible to write a universal instruction for all of them. So you should read the information about your antivirus program on the manufacturer’s website. You can disable Windows Defender by going to the system settings of Windows 10.

Launching the Activator

After you have followed all the recommendations for the antivirus software, you can start the activator. To do this, you need to launch the program from the archive. To check how the activation of Win10 will happen, just click the button of the same name on the application panel. Give the software a few seconds and activation will happen. After checking the status of your operating system you can remove the activator application. Then we recommend you to buy an official key in Microsoft stores.

Questions and answers regarding Windows 10 activation

Questions and Answers

Is it possible to activate other versions of Windows with this program? Such as Windows 11,8,8.1,7.

Despite the fact that the program is called “Windows 10 Activator” it can activate all versions of WIndows as well as Office. But the author developed the software for Win10. This was done in order to maximize efficiency in activating the most popular operating system.

Why is the activator for Win10 free?

This program is created for students for educational purposes. The author of the program is not going to compete with Microsoft and sell the application as they sell license keys. The soft is created as an experiment. And is provided to the general public as an open source soft. You can see this code on gighab.

When can I use the program?

Despite the fact that this program works perfectly and with its help you can activate Windows 10 in 99% of cases you can use the program only for educational purposes. Or in such situations when you have run out of license and you urgently need to do some work on your operating system. In other cases, we recommend using official products.

To summarize

In this article I have tried to disclose all the important points concerning the activator for Windows 10. We have learned what this application is for. How it can be useful to the average user. We have considered the important functions. How to download and run the software. How the principle of Kms-activation works. From what we can conclude – the activator is ideal for the Windows operating system. This is one of the popular applications on the network, which is free and has an open source code. But it is important to understand that this program code was created for educational purposes and you should use it carefully.

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