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AAct Activator is a Windows activation program suitable for any version (11,10,8,7). When the license ends, AAct, developed by Ratiborus, enters the required key and blocks the license verification. Thereby activating the operating system on your computer or laptop. You can download the latest version of AAct directly from this website.

To unpack the program, you will need an archiver program. The same program can be used to activate other Microsoft products. Just click the MS Office activation button and after the notification of successful activation appears. You can immediately start working with other programs. At the same time, in order for the activation to take effect, you do not need to restart the computer.

Description of the AAct Activator

The activator interface is very simple and has only 4 buttons. Thanks to this, it is easy to understand the application even for novice users. To run the utility, you just need to open the archive and run the desired exe file. The program provides functions for 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) operating systems. To use the utility, you need to run it as an administrator. Everything in AAct is thought out to the smallest detail. And made so that the user is as comfortable as possible. On the left side of the utility there is a panel with buttons for activation and configuration.

AAct Activator

When you click on the activation button, the activation of your operating system will start automatically. After the process is completed, the program will notify you of its success. To check the information about the license and the health of Windows after its activation. You need to click on the third button in the menu. There you will see all the data about your system.

You can also go to the properties of “My computer” and find this information at the bottom of the screen, where the license status of the operating system is displayed. If the activation was successful, a message will appear on the bottom panel of the utility with information that “Activation of your system has been completed”, and the license key will also be shown.

Interface languageEnglish
The operating systemMS Windows 11, 10, 8, 7
Type of programFree activator
Software Features

AAct Portable and AAct Network

The portable version of the application uses the KMS method, which installs drivers and simulates connecting to a server to activate programs. There is also a version of the AAct Network, which uses a remote server provided by the developers for activation. The second method is more preferable, since it is usually not detected by an antivirus, and it does not make changes to the registry of the operating system.

In addition to activation, the program has buttons for viewing “Windows Information” and information about “Office”. In these sections, you will find information about the current state of the system or programs, the build version, and also find out when you need to reactivate the software.

AAct Activator Settings

There are more options hidden in the Settings section. Here you can choose the method of activating your software, including online mode. Functions are also available to install or delete keys, create a task for automatic reactivation after a certain time, save the settings that you applied. And disable the built-in Windows Defender. Changing the settings can help eliminate errors related to the fact that the program cannot find the KMS server or does not activate Office. After making new settings, do not forget to click on the “Accept” button to apply the changes.

aact information

Let’s summarize the results

AAct Activator is an activator for Windows 7-11, which also supports Windows XP and is able to activate Office 2010-2021 and other versions. It is a completely portable application, which means that it does not require installation and can be run from any medium. AAct Activator quickly puts the Windows license in order. The old versions of the activator did not work with Win 11 and Office 2019-2021, but the latest version of the program successfully activates these products.

Deleting a license key is as easy as adding a new one. Thanks to a special menu that will help you with this. You can also create tasks to activate both Windows and Office. This will allow them to be automatically reactivated at set intervals. If Windows Defender prevents you from working, you can easily disable it through the program interface. All the settings that you have set can be saved for future use, so as not to configure everything again — this is very convenient. The program is offered in standard and Network versions, and the differences between them are obvious. Updates to the program are released infrequently, but it works stably and reliably.

The advantage of using software activators is that your license will not be used by anyone. This guarantees the stability of the operating system. Unlike the method of searching for free keys on Internet forums. Such keys are used by several people at the same time, which makes their service life very short. While activation utilities give you the opportunity to use the license for a long period of six months or more. Also, information about other activators is provided on this site.

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  1. In general, it is a pretty good utility for activating the unlicensed version of Windows. I’ve used it for this case a couple of times already and so far without any complaints. The program is very easy to use, so there are no special problems here, and it weighs only 3 MB. By the way, she creates a task in the registry for automatic renewal of Windows, which is also an additional plus.

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